Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Horses on the street

Miguel came home with the camera and the horses were still wandering around, so we got some pictures. The dogs have barked at them all day! You will notice in the pictures that the streets in our neighborhood aren't paved. And we live in an industrial area, so we have businesses beside and across the street. There are a lot of houses on one side and an elementary school on the other side of an empty lot behind us. It's an interesting arrangement, because usually the houses are very close together and one gets to know the neighbors quite well! I've felt rather isolated from our neighbors, although we do have the Bible School students that live upstairs and downstairs...guess they are our neighbors for now! :)

Our house is there on the right behind the big block wall.

One of the horses grazing in front of our house.

Another horse meandering down the sidewalk across the street from our house.

One of the horses was tied in the empty field down the street. From what we've observed, perhaps this one is a little less tame?

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