Saturday, October 25, 2008

On Fear

I always jump at the chance to do a Beth Moore study, so I was pleased to hear that some of the ladies here were going to do the Patriarchs study this year. We started late, so are just now starting on week two. Last Thursday, we watched the video for Session One and as usual, Beth speaks to me...or rather God speaks to me through Beth!

The title for week one is Leave Your Country, rather appropriate for missionary ladies, don't you think? The point that stuck out to me was on fear. As God speaks to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joshua (and others), He tells them "do not fear" (Gen. 15:2, 26:24, 46:3, Joshua 1:9). Beth points out that "God does not tell people who are not afraid to NOT be afraid"! Point #2 in the video notes states: Those God uses greatly seem to greatly battle fear. Therefore, we may battle fear but we must not let it win.

Beth mentioned that she herself had a stronghold of fear and having been released from that stronghold. I relate to having a stronghold of fear. Just because I have committed to spending my life in full-time ministry doesn't mean that I have no fears about it...I fear death (either mine, Miguel's, or my children, or loved ones), suffering, hardship, conflict, sickness, other people's opinions, making a fool of myself...and on and I wonder, do I have a stronghold of fear? I don't know, but I have sensed God working to free me from the grip of fear. I think, though, that I tend to view the presence of fear as evidence of a lack of trust and was very reassuring to know that experiencing fear is normal (I'm in good company there with the patriarchs!) and that what matters are the choices I make in the face of I allow myself to be paralyzed by my fears or step out in faith to believe God and have it be credited to me for righteousness? I pray that God will make my faith my testimony...that I believed God!

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