Saturday, October 25, 2008


Yesterday we celebrated Micah's 8th birthday (it's actually on the 30th). He invited the boys from his class and they had a lot of fun. At the end, we sent them all on a treasure hunt to find the big surprise, a trampoline!!!! We'd been thinking about buying one for a while and finally just did it. It arrived yesterday morning, so it was fun to include it in the party...although it would have been even more fun to have been able to set it up beforehand...oh well. Miguel and I finished putting it together this morning and it's so much fun to see the kids out playing on it.

Reading the instructions.

Everyone helped take all the pieces out of the box.

Okay, now what?

Yes, I'm reading the instructions!!!!

Micah, Jojo, and Gracia enjoying their new toy.
(Gracia's face was painted at the Fall Festival last night...that's why it looks a bit odd.)


Ellie said...

Ok, so I am expecting some post about sprained ankles, broken bones, and assorted other injuries soon!

I've been tempted often... but... I have kids who can injure themselves walking down stairs, as well as one who managed to put an arrow right through his bottom lip. I just don't know yet. I'm tempted, though.

Seriously, have fun. Enjoy the peace inside the house and the worn out kids!

Rebecca Conduff Aguirre said...

LOL! I actually thought about that! Accident posts...Fortunately, my kids are not very accident prone, PTL, and have quite a bit of experience with trampolines...we're thinking about getting a net, but even though they might prevent injuries, they are kind of a pain. I was more concerned about covering the springs at this point...Jkaile was funny on the trampoline today, he's just so cautious about new things! At the end there, he started enjoying himself a little... :)