Thursday, October 16, 2008

Got a picture this time!

Company again last night...a great excuse to have one of our favorite Venezuelan meals! Same menu as the other night and we're doing better at keeping batteries in the here you are:

arepa con carne mechada, queso, ensalada de papa y zanahoria con betabel (remolacha), y tajadas
(arepa with shredded beef, cheese, potato/carrot salad with beets, and fried plantains)

close up of the arepa
Recipes to follow soon!


Cindy said...

please include a how to on the fried plantains!!

Anonymous said...

Que rico parece todo. Aqui en Bolivia dicen "Buen Provecho" cuando terminan de comer. Es cortesia.

Looks yummy!


Rebecca Conduff Aguirre said...

cindy...will do!

@ngie...¡gracias! interesante, porque en Venezuela se dice antes de comer o durante la comida si ya han gusta 'compare notes' de los países diferentes.

And yes, it was VERY yummy! Even the leftovers were good tonight! :p