Tuesday, October 7, 2008

International company

One of the things I love about our ministry is the variety of people that we get to meet! For instance, over a Venezuelan meal at supper tonight (arepas stuffed with shredded beef, fried plantains, beet-potato salad, and brown sugar lemonade), I found myself rather amused by the different backgrounds each of us has:

Miguel: Venezuelan, now U.S. citizen, resident of Arkansas also has spent time in Colombia, now living in Mexico

Becky: American, family from Oklahoma, MK from Colombia, now Arkansas resident, also spent time in Venezuela, now living in Mexico

My kids: Venezuelan-Americans living in Mexico

Guest #1: Austrian missionary to the Philippines, currently visiting Mexico

Guests #2 & 3: Texans, missionaries in Latin America-most recently Paraguay, studying Spanish in Mexico on their way back to Paraguay

And all of us sharing a common bond in Christ!

Posted below is a picture of an arepa stuffed with cheese...
just in case you were wondering what those might look like.
I really wanted to take a picture of the arepas I cooked tonight, but alas!
No batteries for the camera...
The arepa is a food staple in Colombia and Venezuela,
made of a pre-cooked corn flour.
Most people there eat them every day!
Since we can't get that kind of corn flour here,
they really are a special treat for us these days (there is a Latin food store
across the border where we can buy it).
In Venezuela, it is common to stuff them with many different fillings,
including shredded beef, chicken, or pork-also scrambled eggs,
cheese, tuna, deviled ham, boiled quail eggs, beef tongue, etc.
Add to that some garlic sauce and you have a wonderful meal
for breakfast, lunch, or supper!

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Shilo said...

Yum! You are always so hospitable!