Monday, December 1, 2008

I keep painting

I am still painting when I can get the time...I am working on some original, hand-painted Christmas cards, I'm enjoying painting on rocks, and I also finished the set of paintings for my bedroom. I am not entirely happy with the results...will I ever be? Who any rate, the second yellow picture turned out much darker than I meant it to be-I wanted it more like the top one. And the background of the picture on the right also turned out a lot darker than the other one even though it looked okay while I was painting. rats. BUT, they are interesting and give me something to look at on that wall...and I'm learning more every time. :)

We rearranged the bedroom and put the bed against the opposite wall as the paintings, which is why the dresser is now under the rectangles...which I "stacked"-they look much better that way. I also found out that I can use masking tape to paint cleaner, sharper lines. I've been experimenting with much fun! :) And remember...that's what my painting is all about anyway...HAVING FUN!


Anonymous said...

Aubrey would like those paintings...she does something similar...with her fingers...
I think she still loves to play with the paints :)
but her final products are nice...I'll have to post the one she did for me sometime.

Joy @ SAH Missionary said...

Very fun. I like the colors, they look very "fall-ish", something that I miss here!! :)