Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tragedy in the Stable

Tragic events in the stable, folks! Somehow a shark got into the manger scene (well, there's actually two manger scenes, you will notice...Gracia made a paper Nativity at school) and killed off everyone except Baby Jesus and the angel (I guess they are considered to be immortal?). See if you can spot the offender...
A close-up in case you had trouble finding it...this poor
sheep is in mortal danger!

I'm thinking that this is probably somewhat irreverent? But it sure is funny what kids come up with! I wonder where they get their over-active imaginations....hmmmm....and just in case you were wondering, the offending sea creature has been removed and all is back to normal in the stable once more. For now.


Ellie said...

We inherited a large knitted set from a great-uncle.

So far, sheep keep appearing on wise men's heads, Mary has been pierced through several times by the shepherd's staffs, and sheep also get impaled on varying sticks of gifts in strange location.

Explanation? "The wise men were playing baseball with the sheep."

Rebecca Conduff Aguirre said...

Ellie, that is so funny! Glad to hear it's not just in my house! :)