Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Jkaile is learning to unzip!

Probably to show off his hairy chest...LOL!

Doesn't he just crack you up??!!


Ellie said...

Funniest thing I saw at our house with a stripping baby...

I had a guest whose kids had grown up, and we had a minor medical emergency in our team, so we left him in charge of our kids for the evening... I'd trust this man with my kids any day, no questions.... but he was a little unsure with the diapering duty.

My daughter always stripped off the soggy diaper every morning, and crawled in bed with us - yuck! Unwashed bottom in your face is NOT a good morning wake up.

Well, our guest had put the diaper on backwards... and she couldn't get it off! What a laugh at both of them the next morning.

But we also learned to cut the feet off sleepers and put them on her backwards to solve the stinky strip tease in the early mornings.

That is what it reminded me of. He's cute... and at least he keeps his diaper mostly on.

Rebecca Conduff Aguirre said...

yeah, he's cute! :) What a funny story about the backwards diaper!!! I think Miguel's done that a couple of times...now he's an expert. Great idea to turn the sleepers around! I hadn't thought of that one...guess that would put a kink in their plans...and NO, don't want stinky bottom in my face!!!! Actually, he still can't climb out of the packnplay, but the day is coming...

Joy @ SAH Missionary said...

Hilarious! Let's hope this trend doesn't continue on into the teen years. :)