Monday, December 15, 2008

Odds and Ends

The pile of presents is growing!

Someone was giving away some Christmas decorations,
including this village. The kids are having so much fun with it
that I decided to let them keep it even though it's breakable...
mostly because we were able to borrow this bookshelf! Having
it set up on the top shelf keeps Jkaile out of it...right now
it's also home to all of my Christmas cards and wrapping paper-also
to keep it out of Jkaile's reach.
This morning I noticed that one of the shepherds was
being attacked by the sheep!
Notice that Samson has also joined the Nativity scene...

Our school's Christmas program was put on this last Friday.
The kids were supposed to wear hats and/or scarfs for part of the program.
Micah was quite a sight in his pointy hat, sports goggles, and ear muff thingy...

On Friday mornings, I usually take care of Haley and Anna for a couple of hours.
Jojo SAYS he doesn't like to play with girls, but he sure has a lot of
fun with them while they are here! :) They
were just too cute out there jumping on the trampoline.
Haley and Anna's family is leaving the field this week...
we sure are going to miss our little friends!

Jojo and Jkaile got out these plastic snowflakes (also in the box
of giveaways) and added them to the tree. Poor little tree
is just a tad bit overwhelmed! It was really cute to see
Jkaile working so hard to get them to stay up there! He did
a pretty good job, though, considering! :)

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Shilo said...

That cracked me up about the sheep attacking the shepherd! I think it's a great idea to have a nativity that the kids can play with.