Saturday, October 11, 2008

Pictures in my room

I finally did finish the paintings for my room, although I'm not entirely happy with the result! It's sort of like good news/bad news...

good news: I really like the way they turned out and they give me something to look at. The colors really match the comforter well and I love the reds and yellows. I had a lot of fun painting these and would like to experiment more with this kind of thing. A friend suggested mounting them on pieces of wood to make them stand out a bit from the wall...that sounds like it would be cool!

bad news: As you can tell from the second picture, they are kind of small for that particular wall! I think I need to do about 6 more and put them in a block or something, they are just kind of lost there in the middle of all that space! Also, some of the red blocks in the painting on the left turned out kind of pink...the paint was being stubborn. :( And then, I noticed that the paper I used for the painting on the left was actually not quite a big as the others...sigh. Oh and learn. :)

I have a picture of them in a more natural light, but then the paintings weren't actually as clear.

I am very pleased with our bedroom...this is one of the few times that I've managed to have it be ONLY a bedroom! Usually it's a bedroom/office or a bedroom/storage room or even a bedroom/baby nursery...

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Terri :o) said...

I think you're right. You need at least six more to fill the space and make the wall look more balance. But I love the colors!