Monday, November 16, 2009

Sickies in the House...

After a really fun time at our mission school's Fall Festival this last Friday night (of which we have NO pictures because I forgot the camera!), Gracia woke up Saturday morning vomiting, achy, and running a pretty high fever. This is her third day of sickness, and now Miguel and Micah have it as well. At first I thought that it might be tonsilitis since Gracia is susceptible to that, but now that others are having the same symptoms, it has become obvious that it's a virus. Besides, I found out this morning that Gracia's teacher has been sick over the weekend as well. Miguel and I are both tired from being 'on call' round the clock...we tried different sleeping arrangements, but between caring for Gracia, now Micah, and then a night-time dirty diaper from Jkaile in the wee hours this morning, we just aren't getting a whole lot of rest.

I'm glad that we had no pressing appointments this weekend except for substituting for a Children's Church class yesterday (which Miguel was able to do solo), rare for us! This is partly due to the fact that today is a huge Mexican holiday, el 20 de noviembre (celebrated on the closest Monday), and all schools and many businesses are closed. All is quiet in our normally noisy neighborhood (school behind our property, industrial plots in front and beside our house).

I checked out two books from the school library on Friday and I'm so glad I did! A couple of new Gilbert Morris books for me (nice, light reading compared to some of the reading I've been into lately), and The Hobbit to read out loud to Micah. We've enjoyed it so much that we're very nearly done with the entire book already! At this point, Bilbo and the dwarves are trapped inside the Lonely Mountain, wondering how to conquer the dragon and retrieve their treasure...I only just recently watched The Fellowship of the Ring with Micah, so he's enjoyed hearing Bilbo's story and how he came to find the ring. Now the rest of the movies will make a bit more sense to him. I think The Hobbit was always my favorite book of the whole series anyway...

I will leave you with this really cute video of Jkaile (please ignore messy face and shirt and Gracia sticking her glass in the way!)...he recently learned how to wiggle his eyebrows. And since I finally cut his hair, we can actually SEE his eyebrows! We also figured out that his "funny face" is really a wink! Such a cutie! (by the way, "Gugi" is Jkaile's sibling-given nickname!)


Anonymous said...

Wow. That's no fun at ALL. The library sounds cool - so is this spanish or english? our library is pittiful here. Sigh. Reading just isn't a part of this culture, on the whole. Even most teachers rarely read.
Hey, I had my submission posted over on Coffegirl community today. Is that cool r what? It's my first "public" publication. (ha, ha.. I just realized that is redundant - it's not a publication unless it's public!)
Hang tight. the yukkies are but for a short time. I just hope YOU don't get it! The only thing worse than caring for a bunch of sickies is to be sick and caring for a bunch of sickies. Maybe it's even worse if they are all starting to feel a little better and can't "get it" that mom is now in bed (just leave me alone and let me suffer in silence?)

Rebecca Conduff Aguirre said...

Hey, Congrats on the publication!!!! I'll have to head over there and check it out, haven't had the chance yet today.

Micah and Gracia are obviously feeling better today, but still missed school. Gracia isn't running a fever, but definitely does NOT feel good. :( I didn't get much sleep until 1 a.m. because of Gracia's tummyaches, not sure what was up with that?!

So far so good on me not getting sick...I'm not feeling very well, but it's hard to say whether it's because I'm getting the flu or just feeling tired...time will tell!

Thanks for your comment...been wondering how things were going with you! :)

Rebecca Conduff Aguirre said...

p.s. Laura, forgot to answer your question about the's English, a library that the MK school has put together over the years. We all use it like a public library, though! lol A lot of the missionaries here also have quite extensive private 'libraries', so there is usually not a lack of good reading material. And you are right, the Latin culture is not a reading one, something that is frustrating to both Miguel and I, which is why he likes to sell books! :) He's had quite a market for the missionary biographies he gets from JUCUM press (YWAM) and also The Lamb books from Goodseed.